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Posts Tagged ‘Ward Revamp’

Revamped CAAU Unit at Limerick Regional

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


A major renovation of the Clinical Age Assessment Unit (CAAU) has just been completed at the Regional hospital, Limerick. The unit, which was in receipt of a €0.5 million grant from the HSE innovation fund in 2009, used the money for much needed refurbishment and upgrade.
The aim of the Innovation Fund is the assistance of new health services and treatments, and the spreading of such services: projects that are chosen are intended to work with other hospital and community services.

At the awarding of the grant, Professor Lyons of the CAAU said the decision reflected the “confidence in the concept and workings of the CAAU” by the HSE.
The renovation of the CAAU has resulted not only in the expansion of the original unit, but also the operation of CAAU’s in a number of hospitals across the country.

Read more about the CAAU’s funding here and the HSE Innovation Fund here.

€2 million funding for the revamp of Ward 3B from the J.P. McManus ProAm funding.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ward 3B is about to receive a major face lift thanks to the very generous funding provided by the J.P. McManus ProAm Committee. A sum of €2 million has been provided to revamp Ward 3B giving it a strong neurosciences feel with a view to opening the new acute Stroke Unit on the Ward. The funding was originally designated for the expansion of the Rehabilitation facilities on the St Camillus’s site but matching funding was not received from the HSE and the ProAm Committee has agreed to the funding being redirected for this new purpose. Professor Lyons said that ‘the refurbishment of 3B is long overdue’ and he ‘very much welcomed the support of the ProAm Committee and the local Parkinson’s Association’, who successfully bid for the funding in the first instance. There are several immediate issues that need to be dealt with in particular the plan for the decanting of patients from the Ward to ensure that bed numbers are maintained during the refurbishment.